MUBC is a Level 3 Good Sports Club

We're A Good Sports Level 3 Club

Efforts by the Monash University Baseball Club to tackle the difficult issue of alcohol management in community sport have resulted in the club receiving a Level 3 accreditation under the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program.

The program has been designed to assist clubs with the responsible management of alcohol through an accreditation process requiring the clubs to implement a variety of practices and policies at each level. It is the first nationwide alcohol accreditation program of its kind.

The program breaks the so-called link between alcohol and club profits and in the process guides clubs to a healthier and safer future by becoming more attractive to a wider range of people in the local community.

Monash University Baseball Club Spokesperson, Greg Powell said:

“We offer friendly and safe club facilities which comply with Liquor Licensing’s legal requirements. An important part of that was to put our bar servers through a training course in responsible service of alcohol.

“We want people to know the Monash University Baseball Club focus is sport, not drinking. We serve alcohol in a safe responsible manner and is certainly not our reason for being here. I can assure all members of our community that this is a welcoming and safe place to play, or watch, some great sport without fear of “boozy louts” ruining your day.”

The club will be regularly monitored to ensure compliance with the accreditation criteria.

The Good Sports Program was developed following research conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation which showed high risk consumption of alcohol in community sporting clubs. Through the introduction of responsible alcohol management policies, clubs have been able to improve their image and increase their revenue and decrease their risk of liability.

The three policies the club has implemented are:

Smoke Free Policy
Safe Transport Policy
Alcohol Management Policy
Please see the Club Constitution and Policies page for further information.

Clubs members interested in more go to the Good Sports website.