Welcome to “The Farm!”

Greetings New Farmers!  The following is a brief information sheet to answer common questions for new club members.

When do we play the game?

In winter, most games are generally played as a double header, the first game at 12:15 p.m. and the second at 2:40 p.m. on Saturday.  Womens’ games are played on Sundays during winter during the day (it can rotate depending on the fixture).

As for summer, games are Sunday afternoons, with the ‘early’ game being 1pm, and the ‘late’ game at 3:30pm.

Where do we play the game?

Half the time you’ll be playing “at home”.  Our home ground is The MonaDome, named after the Skydome in Toronto. The MonaDome is nestled down in the South Eastern corner of the Clayton campus at the very end of Oval Road, and you’ll do your training there.  The other half of the time you’ll be playing at other clubs in the Melbourne Winter Baseball Association (for winter baseball) including Knox, Ringwood, Waverley, Diamond Creek, Melbourne Uni, La Trobe Uni and many others. The womens comp plays in the Dandenong Baseball Association and will rotate between different venues each week.

And as for summer, it could be anywhere across Melbourne!  You’ll get to see a bit of the state…

What happens before, during and after the game?

All teams have 1 hour of warm-up before the game to prevent injury and improve performance.  Seniors games usually last for up to 2 – 3 hours, while womens are strictly 2hrs.  After games, players generally stick around for a while for a beer, dim sim, hot dog and a yarn.

I don’t have transport!

No stress – we usually organise car pools.

When does the season start?

The first game for winter 2017 will be the weekend of April 8th/9th, while summer baseball traditionally starts on the first weekend of October, which funnily enough coincides with daylight savings.

What’s the social side like?

The Farm has a proud history of madness on and off the baseball diamond.  Stay tuned for details of our annual Mexican Cantina Night, the always fun/challenging/insane MUBC Trivia Night, the end-of-season Presentation Night (where a whole heap of awards are given out) and more.  Suggestions for other events are always welcome. Like all club activities, we rely on the help of club members to make the social nights a success.

What’s training like?

We train 6.00 – 8.00pm on Wednesday nights at the MonaDome and Football oval.  We may organise some indoor training sessions during the season at a nearby indoor cricket centre. Afterwards we generally hang around the clubhouse and have a beer while dinner supplies are taken from nearby reputable joints e.g. Nandos, Subway, pizza.

How is team selection undertaken?

Each week a selection panel (headed by a Chairman of Selectors) places all players in a team for the following weekend. Selection is based on performance in previous weeks’ games, attendance at training and availability.  All players are notified of selection either at training or in the weekly newletter, eFarmers, emailed out to all members each Thursday.

I’m a poor student.  How much are the fees? (aka “Subs”)

For students, winter subs are usually $210.  For staff, graduates, workers and other non-students, subs will be higher and be fully disclosed closer to the start of the season (roughly $280). This covers ground hire, balls, association fees, administration and insurance. Any questions, please speak to a committee member.

For Summer 2016/17, subs were:
Students: $245 (if paid in full before Round 7 – otherwise it’s $280)
Non-Students: $330 (if paid in full before Round 7 – otherwise it’s $375)

Summer is usually more expensive as Baseball Victoria charges higher fees.

I don’t have any equipment/where can I get stuff from?

Sometimes there may not be enough spare gloves to go around. We always recommend you get your own fielder’s glove as soon as possible.  They take a while to wear in and the sooner you start, the better. You can pick up a decent glove from around $80.  Choose your glove carefully – it will be with you for a long time.  We recommend K2 out in Knox – they have a large range and reasonable prices; otherwise some players buy their gear or do group orders from Eastbay. If you don’t want to travel out to Knox, Fielders Choice in Mount Waverley is close by.  If you would like to borrow a glove or any equipment from the club,  please register your name with a committee member.

For the guys, get yourself a box (groin protector) even sooner than a glove. You simply cannot operate without one.  Consider also buying baseball cleats (shoes). If not, footy boots will do the trick.

The club supplies team bats, helmets and usually catchers gear.  It’s obviously best to have your own.

Uniform and Caps

The most important part of the baseball uniform is the baseball cap. This year they will cost about $15. They are good quality and they will be available closer to the season. Baseball caps are a compulsory tradition on any baseball diamond, even at training.

Players will also require uniforms. Pants are roughly $60-80 and a proper uniform top is about $50. But don’t panic if you’re a rookie – there’s usually a cap/training shirt/playing top bundle deal at the start of each season.  We can also hire some tops to you.

How will I know about what’s going on/where to go/what’s happening?

You will receive eFarmers (via email), out regular weekly newsletter, usually on Thursday or Friday. Teams and match locations for the coming weekend are published, along with club news, gossip and other mad drivel.

Players in each team (that’s you!) take turns each week to write a match report for publication. Over the years we’ve had hilarious submissions worthy of the Pulitzer Prize for Sports Writing, so make sure your email address is correct so we can send eFarmers to you each week.

Who should I speak to if I need any assistance?

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to approach one of our helpful committee members through the Contact Us page, or see one of us at training.